6th April 2010 – ES4

Coming to you live from Scarborough this week, where I’m on the NCAS ES4 Spring School.  Cutting the jargon that’s the National Centre for Atmospheric Science who are running an Earth System Science Summer School (hence ES4) for NERC (that’s the National Environmental Research Council) “early career scientists”.  Or NERC funded PhD and postdocs. 

Seeing as I mainly wanted to post at 10.30pm to have a little brag about the fact I just went in the sea I’ll be posting some more info about it soon but I just wanted to share a great statement made by one of our speakers today.  Prof. Mike Krom was actually one of my old lecturers from Leeds, tought me almost everything I know about the ocean and is probably one of the reasons I’m here doing this PhD today.  Anyway, when giving the introductory lecture and discussing what Earth System Science was he made the great point something along these lines:

Earth Systems Science involves using the best possible classical science within disciplines, to be the best you can be within your field, then working together between disciplines to provide a better understanding than could be achieved alone

Should be an interesting two weeks


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