18th July 2010 – Malaysia

I’ve been here almost two weeks so am settled into to Malaysian life – mainly eating, a little driving, more eating and the odd rainstorm. My equipment is set up in the University of Malaya lab and is working pretty well considering it’s relocation. Few other teething problems with getting stuff ready but it should all be OK for fieldwork starting tomorrow and Tuesday.

It’s strange working from another university with their own systems and ways of doing things, but also really interesting seeing how other people carry out research. I’ve been really honoured so far by the hospitality shown by the Universiti Malaya group and it’s been great to see their seaweed-lab facilities and share time in and out of the office with them. I have also been lucky to be part of the workshop out here and so meet scientists from Cambridge, NZ, Lancaster, Australia etc. Everyone from UM and elsewhere has been really willing to work together and form collaborations, which is great as that’s what I believe science is all about.

I won’t talk about the science too much here, as I want to describe some experiments next week when I finally carry them out. So instead I’ll leave you with this picture from our weekend trip up north to see the UM site at Bachok…

(P.S. Apologies for any spelling and grammatical errors today, I’m writing at great speed on a slow internet connection)


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