11th August 2010 – end of fieldwork

A few days in Langkawi to complete my sampling have been a great end to the short fieldwork campaign. It’s a beautiful island and to get some air samples away from the coast we took out a small boat loaded with our equipment for a four hour trip down a river, through mangroves and out to sea. There has been a lack of seaweed, which is disappointing, but we managed to find some after extensive searching and some homemade flux chambers were tested out:

These, very basic, flux chambers are designed to concentrate emissions from the seaweeds over a short period of time, usually 30 minutes, before tubing is connected up and the air is removed into a flask for analysis back in the UK. We also collected some seaweed and used the chambers to measure emission changes as it dried out on the beach – hopefully mimicking the process that occurs when farmed seaweed is left out to dry before processing.

The air sampling and various other tasks often took longer than I expected. But I still managed to squeeze in some holiday time – power dips in the pool or quick naps on the beach between samples and on the last day a cable car ride, a swim below a waterfall (beautiful!) and even some parasailing.

A short flight and we’re now back in KL for one final day of admin, equipment packing and generally wrapping up the fieldwork before I take a short holiday. See you all back in the UK soon!


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