23rd August 2010 – back to work

64+ emails
1000+ photos
2 cups of coffee
4 laps of the lab wondering why my seaweed has grown so much better with me not around
6 pieces of post
2 parcels
20 minutes for my computer to update, reboot and restart
1 list of things to do and no idea what to do first!

It’s good to be back


One thought on “23rd August 2010 – back to work

  1. Welcome back! Sound slike you’ve got a lot of data from Malaysia – will you be able to use it in your project? Also, I didn’t know seaweed could support epiphytes…I’ve just been reading a really interesting book about coast redwoods, they support entire ecosystems (including epiohytes which is why the comment is relevant!) including trees, animals etc in their canopys… my new hobby may well be tree climbing!

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