4th October – new year, new office, new blogging

Wondering what I’ve been doing the past month or so?  Actually, I wonder what I’ve been doing over the last month or so!  As usual time has flown and some pretty big things have been happening.  I’ve had one of my quarterly supervisory meeting in which we looked over some of my Malaysia data and discussed plans for the future, which are looking positive in terms of more fieldwork.  I analysed all the air canister samples I bought back from Malaysia and a preliminary peek at the data looks promising.  I also squeezed in some time back on the GCMS starting up the beginnings of a new experiment.

When I returned from Malaysia I was feeling a bit directionless, having so many things I could try it was hard to decide what to try.  But I’ve now got renewed focus and am excited about hopefully concentrating on the aquaculture and farming aspect of my project with both lab and fieldwork.   

We had a little office flood, and, for unconnected reasons, most of us have moved into a new office. And yes, you read the title right, it may not be January 1st but as of last Friday the 1st October I entered the second year or my PhD.  To mark a new academic year I’m giving the blog a bit of a dust off and spring clean.  Hopefully there will be more regular updates as well as more pictures and information in the near future.   



One thought on “4th October – new year, new office, new blogging

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