Why did the scientist hang a knocker on his front door?

…he wanted to win the no-bell prize.

Yes, I even managed to get a scientific joke in my cracker this year!

Yes, I’ve been blogging for a year now so this is actually just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who’s been reading over the past twelve months. Looking back it wasn’t the greatest start to a blog. I knew even before I started my PhD that I wanted to write about it, but the initial reception from people I told was less than enthusiastic. Since the early days of blogging the utter volume of blogs out there has given bloggers a bad name and the blogosphere a reputation as somewhere where anyone with half an opinion (intelligent or otherwise) can rant their views to the world. So although I persevered and started this site it was often half hearted. I wanted to believe it was a good idea but half agreed with others that it could well be an exercise in vanity.

In the last couple of months a couple of things have changed my views. I started exploring the wider blogging community for one. And, yes, there is more material out there than I could ever hope to or want to read. Much of it didn’t interest me personally but the odd sites catches my attention and since I started following certain bloggers I’ve been constantly entertained, informed, amazed and encouraged to think about new topics and ideas. It’s a way of sharing views and information that fits perfectly with modern life and I’m now a fully converted member of the blogosphere. Secondly, I’ve triggered a small ripple (wave being too extreme for these small events) of other blogs; two PhD friends of mine (one in science and one in law) have started blogging, as has a co-worker of one of them. Their blogs can be found the links section on the left of this site. Maybe this blog will never be read by the masses or have a huge impact, but I’ve at least widened academic debate even slightly amongst people I know.

Perhaps it’s these facts, or perhaps it’s just the threat of new bloggers snapping at my ankles and promising to do a better job than I ever could, but I’ve a renewed interest and love for this little site, and I hope it’s still going in another twelve months.

That’s quite enough writing for a Bank Holiday so all that remains is to thank you all for your support and comments made here, on Facebook and in person. I appreciate it all! Also wishing all of you a very merry, if belated, Christmas and a happy New Year.

For more great blogs and websites, including the ones mentioned in this post, please check out the links section in the sidebar. I update it when I find new sites to share with you all.


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