Monday Movies – Yann Arthus-Bertrand

It may be cold, it may be rainy, it may still be dark 90% of the time you’re not working but spring is definitely on its way and in honour of a change of season I’m introducing a new idea to the blog…and here it is.

Every Monday, well as many Monday’s as possible, I will be flagging up some filmage I enjoy. They may be funny or serious, mickey-taking or thought-provoking, professional or amateur, long or short but hopefully all with some sort of science connection.

Why Monday? Well originally I planned ‘Friday films’ but there are enough good things on a Friday as it is (cake, happy hour, the start of the weekend….) whereas depressing old Monday is the perfect setting. Plus I couldn’t think of alliterative names for Tuesday and Thursday and Orange already cornered the market in Wednesdays.

To kick us off let me introduce you to the amazing work of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French photographer known for his stunning aerial photographs highlighting the beauty of the natural and human environment, as well as the issues currently faced by the Earth. I’m a big fan; anyone that knows me has probably received one of his postcards over the past few years, or seen them pinned up by my desk, so I’m loving his hour-ish long film featuring his trademark aerial shots. It’s been around since 2009 so I can’t believe I’ve only recently got round to watching it. A keen environmentalist the film is meant to provoke thought as well as entertain. Hopefully the trailer below will inspire you to sit down with a cuppa and watch the whole thing. If so the film can be found [here] and more information on it [here].


Your thoughts...?

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