National Science and Engineering Week

This past week (11th-20th March 2011) has been National Science & Engineering Week, an event aiming to promote “Science events for everyone”. It’s the UK’s widest celebration of the scientific world and with a theme this year of ‘communication’ it incorporates everything from school projects and competitions to science cafes and festivals. If this is all new to you, check out their website here for plenty of info and interactive areas (especially for the young/young at heart).

As well as the workshop I did last weekend at the Mo I spent Saturday helping out the Inspire Discovery Centre, Norwich’s interactive science centre, at the Science in Norwich Day at the Forum. Inspire helped kick of the day with a “DNA boogie”. Yes, that’s right, dancing and pretending to be DNA to some rather nice sounds from Norfolk-based band the Fuzz (when they eventually arrived!). Inside the forum UEA and the research park represented with various stalls and activities (DNA necklaces anyone?!) and in the prime spot, it was incredibly sunny, we were outside firing small pots of paint and alkaseltza into the air to the delight of many, many small children, the confusion of several passers-by caught in the firing line and pained looks from Forum cleaning staff. Luckily their lovely glass-fronted building remained spotless, the same which I cannot say for my jeans…

I realise this is definitely a ‘had to be there’ event, describing it we do all sound like loons. But it was great fun, see you all there next year?


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