PhD, illustrated

When I think about what I’m spending half my waking life for three years doing (that’s my PhD, for anyone not up to speed) sometimes I have to think twice. They pay us, for three years, to research one little facet of the world, one small piece of the puzzle? Not that little piece isn’t important, from tiny acorns giant oak trees grow and all that. The great and the good of the science world started with a doctorate too. Can you just imagine Pierre and Marie Curie flirting at Happy Hour or them hanging out with Einstein at a young researcher event? I deviate. But I think my original point was, it’s important to remember the bigger picture. When I first started my PhD a finishing PhD student told me, “we’re all worried, because as a PhD student what you realise is how little you know”. Every time you open a door and learn a little more you realise the door just opened on to a corridor and there are many more doors now, just waiting to be explored.

So I love the illustrated guide to a PhD created by Matt Might ( which can be found here.

So to all my PhD friends out there, keep pushing!


Your thoughts...?

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