Monday Movies: sea urchins

Yesterday I went to West Runton to collect some seaweed from the lab. I know I always describe the coast as amazing, but yesterday it was something else, it was utterly transformed. Although I’ve been to the Norfolk coast a lot since moving here, I realised I’ve only really been for seaweed in the wintery months (fieldwork last summer had me seaweed collecting in a totally different part of the world). The warm weather and longer days had clearly had the same effect in the seashore as the rest of the country; the place was teeming with loads of species I’d never seen there in the wintery months. Much as I love the blustery winter coast, I do tend to work pretty quickly before it gets dark or my fingers succumb to frostbite. But yesterday I could take my time, and like a little child thoroughly enjoyed splashing through rock pools and examining their contents. And I saw my first sea anemone – which I know is pretty pathetic for someone on their way to being a marine biologist! It was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on the coast.

It did remind me of this awesome video though, which shows the crazy amount of power, destruction and vigorous life that occurs on sea beds and coastal zones. It’s not as tranquil as one might think.

Army of Sea Urchins – Planet Earth – BBC Wildlife


2 thoughts on “Monday Movies: sea urchins

  1. Are you familiar with the book, Sally and the Limpet? Your post very much brings me to that book! A very cute post. Good luck to you and your burgeoning marine biologist career.

    • No, hadn’t heard of the book..but I’ll be reading it now! Thanks. I see you’ve just started a blog, hope it goes well (it’s quite addictive) I’ll add you to my google reader.

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