counting down

Back on a rainy January day to cheer up myself and the girls that sit either side of me in the office I printed out two year plans and marked on when we were expected to finish our PhDs (in case you’re wondering that’s the 30th September 2012 and, yes, that is totally hypothetical!). The plan was either to make it look like we had a long time to go for those stressing out about it, or to show how little time we had left for those who wanted it over and done with. Stuck high above my desk I originally crossed off the days, but then the January blues ended, work got busy, busy, busy and I was to lazy to clamber all over my desk to reach it (read: Emma’s desk has too much stuff on it for anyone to safely climb on it without ice axes and a harness).

This morning I got up there to cross off some days…and realised I only have 17 months left until this supposed finishing date. 17 months!! It doesn’t seem like much does it?? What am I even doing blogging? Time to get to work!

Does anyone else mark the rapidly passing time of their PhD? How do you do it?


Your thoughts...?

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