Emma vs science: it’s a knockout

The boxing title is in honour of the fact I feel like I’ve done 10 rounds against science this week.  I can tell you this much, science certainly knows how to throw a good punch.  You can train all you want; learning from the post docs in the lab, taking copious notes on everything, recording every little thing you do, keep a good lab book and double check the smallest screw.  Yet you get in that ring and it doesn’t matter how many hours you spend preparing, science will undercut you with a swift left hook and bam, out cold.  

OK, I exaggerate slightly.  I am still standing.  But it is the most frustrating thing about science – that I can be the best person it’s possible for me to be in the lab and yet I still come across problems that just leave me speechless.  Luckily I have a good support network of people who make me feel better either by solving the problem or joining me in cluelessness and therefore making me feel slightly better about myself. 

The problem this week was with a piece of kit that’s been off for a couple of months whilst an attachment for it was fixed.  The attachment is now fixed but I could not get my GCMS to tune.  Waving the nice neat folder of notes and previous tune files and diagnostics at it didn’t help, I had to go back to basics and step by step figure this one out.  

I was taught at school that things always look bad for the hero just before they start winning, so I shall hope the same applies here and that in the next round I’ll find some inner strength and, to the sound of a catchy and uplifting theme tune, hold my own against science technology.

Tomorrow’s a new week, bring on the next round…


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