Monday Movies: not just labcoats

When I tell people I work in a laboratory they immediately get the impression of wet chemistry, all labcoats, conical flasks and test tubes of mysterious chemicals. When I’m in the biology lab it is like that (although mainly with a lot of seawater sloshing around) but when I’m using our analytical equipment or working on the atmospheric side it’s a very different laboratory. It’s still high accuracy but here it’s metres of tubing and cables, piles of spanners, crates half packed or unpacked from the latest field campaign, pumps, gauges and gas cylinders. Quite a few members of our group work on the British Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements; a flying laboratory inside a BAe 146. They work in a variety of places; from Borneo’s tropical forests to UK-based flights during the volcanic ash plume last year. Recently they were in Canada studying forest fires and they made the news! Unfortunately I can’t seem to embed the video using my blogging software but you can watch the video here.


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