Kuala Lumpur here I come…

3.5 months is actually a relatively short time to leave the country for.  I have a rather jet-setting group of friends, many of whom have studied abroad for at least a year.  I, however, rather like home.  I like my garden, I like British autumn.  I like starting my Christmas shopping in September. 

What I don’t like is saying no.  I don’t want to miss any opportunity, regret anything.  How often does one get the chance to work abroad for a few months?  In fact how many of our whole generation of girls who dreamt of being a marine biologist (fashionista/media-darling hadn’t quite hit when we were at school) actually made it anywhere near a beach?  Let alone a tropical coastline? 

The point of this preamble is that I’m currently sat in Schipol airport awaiting my flight to KL.  I’ve had a nice day in Amsterdam visiting museums, walking miles and miles in the sun and eating far too much. 

Once I’ve arrived and settled there’ll be plenty of updates and pictures, so stay tuned. And enjoy the changing seasons…the best I’ll get is monsoon/non-monsoon…

Flowers in Amsterdam

>>I am now safely in KL, eaten some Korean food and got my air con on!


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