In the makmal

That’s laboratory for anyone not speaking Malay.   Which still includes me…all the Malay words I know are food; egg, vegetables, coffee, tea, rice, noodles, banana, fish, fried….what more does a girl need?

I’m in the process of setting up a little corner of UEA here in Malaysia, turning my 7 crates into a working lab.  Sending sensitive equipment on a month-long shipment half way around the world is slightly nerve-wracking but luckily I lost a few glass bottles and that’s all.   I have the instrument up, on and leak-tight and am now setting up the peripheral equipment.  Everything takes twice as long as I would like in a new place, and we also have plenty of meetings this week to finalise the plans for the main campaign in November.  I also have three boxes still stuck in customs, fingers crossed they arrive tomorrow!  Several 12 hour days in the lab, epic full-day meetings and everything else going on finally caught up with me today, I could barely keep my eyes open this afternoon.  So I think I’ll call it a day now and just leave you with some pictures of my first few days setting up the lab.

Just to prove I do have a slim margin of a life outside the lab I thought I’d share with you these beautiful biscuits which are only found around Eid/Hari Raya (New Year and the end of fasting month). I’m totally smitten by their almost-too-good-to-eat slightly gingerbready goodness. These two were a suprise treat waiting for me on my desk this afternoon.


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