Monday movies: how to measure the ocean

From the steamy heat of the tropics, ladies and gents, I bring you…the icy North!

Image copyrights belong to the photographer, Rachel Fletcher.

‘To the Denmark Strait’ is an all-singing, all-dancing multimedia outreach website for a cruise currently taking place studying ocean currents in a small but terribly important part of the World’s oceans. This part of the world is thought to play a key role in the global oceanic circulation that not only moves water around the globe but controls much of the global climate (including our warmer-than-we-should-otherwise be balmy British weather…yes, you read that right – look at other cities on our latitude in Russia and Canada and you’ll probably agree we have it pretty good).

The website set up for this cruise is a prime example of scientific outreach and I really recommend you give it a quick visit, just click here. One of the other UEA PhD students, Ben Harden, is currently on this cruise and he’s been shooting videos for the site. I picked one that combines some beautiful scenic shots with views of their lab and a clear explanation of the measurement techniques they’re using. There’s also lots of cruise photography by Rachel Fletcher, I’ve used one of her images above but visit the site for many more, including some stunning iceberg shots.  



How to measure the ocean from Benjamin Harden on Vimeo.


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