A PhD and blog-iversary

I’ve had various markers in my passage through time lately.
1st October marked the beginning of the third and (hopefully) final year of my PhD
3rd October marked the end of one month in Malaysia.

And this post is my 100th blog post.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me through various degrees of interest and coherency on everything from fieldwork to science communication.

A week or so ago, whilst wandering round Kuala Lumpur in a rather touristy fashion I walked past a Chinese temple that was the most alive I think I have ever seen one. There was smoke and incense and candles and everything a temple should have. I stood outside and stared for what was probably an inappropriate length of time as someone inside eventually noticed me and invited me in. Turns out the temple is the only one in Kuala Lumpur where you can leave offerings to the Goddess of Scholar and as many Malaysian students are currently sitting their final exams the place was packed with young people hoping for luck and good results.

For me it was a perfect time to catch a glimpse of the Goddess of Scholar. That step from second year to third year has made no real difference to my day-to-day life but it’s triggered something that’s making me seriously consider my future. My life so far has been pretty well planned – from school I was always going to study A levels, from A levels I was always going to go to university, and 4 months into my final university year I had my PhD offer. Now the decisions are piling up; do I do a postdoc? Where do I want to live? If I move abroad what will I do with all my STUFF? Can Andy and I find jobs in the same place?

Some people would bury their heads in the sand. But I love the thought of the future and all the things I can achieve. I know plenty of you are also facing these decisions, so I’ll hopefully keep posting about the ride towards the end of my PhD and beyond.


Your thoughts...?

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