Monday Movies: a triple bill

It’s a triple bill for you lucky people today. Mainly because Mondays kept rolling round before I could realise it and I’d missed another opportunity to post! So, first up we have a promo video for an exhibition currently on at the Royal Geographical Society (until 11th Nov, admission free) titled “Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya”. The exhibition is desiged to highlight the shrinking Himalayan glaciers through the photography of David Breashears. Breashears has forged a career by combining mountaineering, art, exploration, science, and public awareness and this displays promises to highlight many of these topics. You can watch the video here.

Secondly we have another BBC video, this one advertising their recent show on British chalk reefs and an amazing underwater environment found right of our shores that most of us are unaware of. You can see the video here. Now, I’ve dived in the UK. It is cold. It is very cold. It is not something I thought I would ever want to do again. But this video had me itching to get out underwater – you have been warned.

Thirdly and finally we have the latest offering from Arts Admin – a series of six artists’ films collectively entitled ‘What on Earth?’. All six films explore the pressures we are currently putting on our planet in their own unique way. You can watch all six here.

Apologies that my internet connection won’t let me embed any of these clips, but hopefully you’ll find something you like here to brighten up your Monday morning…


Your thoughts...?

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