Science bites (1.12.11)

Yes, you read that right.  Imagine my delight and joy to find seaweed pringles on sale in Malaysia.  They taste great, but just in a generic pringle-salty-addictiveness, there’s not really even a hint of seaweed taste…

And on the topic of seaweed how beautiful is this seaweed art? There’s traditional ‘pressings’ similar to that normally associated with pressed flowers from Seaweed Art (including a new Christmas edition card) and a modern take with a canvas print style from Coastal Prezence.

If you’re in Oxford the University’s botanical gardens are hosting an event for International Year of Chemistry 2011 showing links between plants and chemistry. More details here.

Finally, let’s also take a minute to congratulate the 2011 winners of the Women of the Future awards. The Science and Technology category was won by Dr. Kylie Vincent, a chemist from the University of Oxford. Also recognised in this category were women working in commercial science and scientific policy roles.


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