Christmas wish list

After last year’s Christmas gift list rather generically described as ‘presents for scientists and the scientifically inclined’ this year I’ve gone with ‘gifts for nature lovers’. Yes, it is far too late to be doing your Christmas shopping! What have you been doing for the past few months when the shops were quiet and wrapping paper wasn’t in short supply? Stuck in the lab? OK, I forgive you – now quick – bag a few of these gifts before it’s too late.

1. Nature notebooks from The Paperie. In fact they have so many beautiful notebooks perfect for lists, plans and important scientific plots to take over the world…sorry your next experiment or bird watching trip.

2. Nature t-shirts from Nonfiction tees. So many to browse through, from lichenometry (oh yes!) to mineralogy.

3. And if that’s not enough t-shirts you could also check out Critter Jitters for their tshirts displaying everything from Darwinian evolution trees to mushroom species and, my favourite, bird diagrams.

4. Wildlife identification postcards (and posters), everything from bats to trees from Wildforms.

5. A few days ago the BBC listed “‘non-stuff’ Christmas gifts for nature lovers’: a top 10 list that ranged from society membership to seashore foraging and butchery classes. Check out the full list here.

6. Everyone loves chocolates and British chocolatiers of the moment Paul Young has some really cute chocolate mice, a less tooth-achingly sweet version of old school sugar mice. For a high-street approach Thorntons do a range of animal-themed chocolates. My favourites are the little pigs.

7. The latest Attenborough offering, Frozen Planet is now available on DVD.

8. A year’s subscription to the BBC’s Wildlife magazine. guarantees a year of interesting articles and beautiful pictures, plus a free book is currently on offer with any subscription.

9. The 2011 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is on until 11th March 2012 at the Natural History Museum, London. Tickets would make a great gift and calendars, prints etc. are available in the online shop.


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