Science bites: underwater news

I just want to share with you a couple of underwater items that have caught my eye in the past few weeks.

First up I have fallen in love with the work of Jason deCaires Taylor – here’s just a few examples of his underwater sculptures.

source – all pictures (C) artist.

His work may not be as easy to see as popping to your local art gallery – but wouldn’t it be worth the effort? deCaires Taylor is a former scuba instructor and his work mirrors his love for the environment as well as acting as a strong supporting message for reef conservation. He has worked on artificial reefs, and his website provides information on algae, corals and sponges.


Secondly was the discovery of a new type of what is, quite frankly, a brilliant-sounding species type – the “yeti crab”. The expedition (carried out by British Scientists from the University of Oxford, the University of Southampton, the National Oceanographic Centre and the British Antarctic Survey) that discovered the crab was studying deep sea vents in the South West Indian Ocean and discovered several new species, but it was the crabs that caught the media’s attention, quickly being dubbed “Hoff crabs”.

Expeditions such as this one send robotic submarines kilometers below the oceans to probe life, chemistry and more in the deep ocean. At one time it was thought that in this area of perpetual darkness little would live, but we know now that these vent areas (caused by movements of the tectonic plates) can support thriving ecosystems.

For me the highlight was this currently unidentified pale octopus spotted at ~2,400m depth.


There is also a blog, a research article and a BBC report if you want to read more.


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