Beer science


“So what is it exactly you research?”

“The shape of beer glasses and the effect it has on the drinking experience”

Well, it’s certainly one to add to my “cool research topics” list. I imagine there’s lots of tasting that needs to be done. Probably no shortage of undergraduate students to help out with that…

I was reading this article discussing the origins and potentially unsuitability of the pint glass which linked across to the American brewery Samuel Adams who have designed a glass that, they claim, optimises the beer drinking experience. A research and development company provided 300 pages of pint-glass report which helped shape the development of this glass.

Living with an amateur brewer I know the science that goes into brewing; temperatures, timing etc.  And so I can imagine some beer enthusiasts are engaged with the technical aspects of beers and brewing, so taking a scientific slant to the advertising – flagging up the research, using a blue print format – is a clever marketing idea.

Of course, as a scientist I need evidence that this glass really does all it says.  And everyone knows rigorous replicates and needed for good results.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it…



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