Science bites: the stats antidote

I do have meaningful, deep and possibly even interesting things to say, I promise.

It’s just they’re taking rather long to write posts about.

Plus stat-fever has overtaken the office. Symptoms: over-consumption of tea, uncontrolled yelling “F-SPSS-*&”^!” and deep interest in anything other than spreadsheets, even if that happens to be skateboarding dogs.

After a week in the stats-hospital I can safely recommend self medication; chocolate, exercise, more chocolate, group moaning and finding humour in the simple things.

Here in our office it’s this diagram:

What scientists say, and what they really mean

(taken from Facebook, original source unknown)

“So true! So true!” is all I get when I show anyone. Not only does it make me feel better about my data, but it’s the perfect tool for seminar bingo – anyone brave enough to try?

In a similar but more long-winded vein there’s also this video (originally seen on Drug Monkey’s blog). I know I’ve said many of those clichés at least once, if not every day during my PhD…


2 thoughts on “Science bites: the stats antidote

  1. D:

    I effing hate stats. I was even recommended a book called “Statistics for Terrified Biologists” which I eventually used for my work on the island…but SPSS is just bleurgh.

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