Monday Movies: the spider concerto

Monday movies makes a comeback with this video (c/o New Scientist) of a violin strung with spider’s silk. Shigeyoshi Osaki, working at the Nara Medical University in Japan obviously combines his work with his love of music, creating a functional and beautiful-sounding violin as part of his materials science research.

Unfortunately the ’embed video’ function appears not to be working – so to watch the video click here.

I have another musical themed Monday Movies for next week, and if anyone has any great videos they’d like to share leave me a comment.


2 thoughts on “Monday Movies: the spider concerto

  1. ooh, i read about this! but i don’t really fancy the idea of playing with spider web… *shudders* imagine, if they can be made into violin string, they can definitely wrap you up and suffocate you!! *imagination goes into overdrive*

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