Photographing Science

Two reasons for a lack of posts recently.

1. I’ve started writing my thesis. When I was in the lab day on day it was a nice change to sit at my desk and churn out a blog post. Now I sit at my desk more it’s a nice change to go for a run in the evening!

2. I’ve been getting a pet project of mine up, running and out in the open.

This is an idea I’ve been dreaming up for a year or so, based around the Leading Lights project the National STEM Centre organised a couple of years back. Their project captured young people working in STEM fields (that’s science, technology, engineering and maths) to make interesting photographs that they used to create an exhibition. There’s also a Tumblr Blog entitled This is What a Scientist Looks Like that’s caught my eye.

My idea was to capture the STEM-ness going on in Norfolk in all its shapes and sizes. Luckily I have a live-in photographer to capture all this, and a good friend in the STEM office for contacts. Together we’ve got the project out of my head and out in the open. We’ve already got a host of volunteers, from lab scientists to artists to student teachers. Our website is Another Angle Norfolk, currently it’s about the project as a work in progress but as we start collecting more images we’ll add some of the more professional shots up there too.

Most importantly – if any of you have suggestions, ideas or comments…or live in Norfolk and would like to be photographed…then get in touch.


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