Monday Movies – lego, science love and more lego

Sometimes I hate science. I hate the Sunday evening guilt when I haven’t touched the lab or my data for two days. I hate the fact sometimes I find it so hard I think I will never wrap my head around it. I hate the controversy, the grey areas and the struggle for work.

Then again, most of the time I love science; love it in a tripped-out, science junkie sort of way.

Do you ever get that moment where you see or hear something and a massive smile just breaks out across your face? Today’s video did that for me. Even thinking about it now makes me smile all over again.

To briefly introduce, the Antikythera mechanism is the earliest known mathematical/mechanical computer. It has been traced back to Greek origins in the early 1st century BC, where it was created to calculate astronomical events. To put that date into perspective – similarly constructed items, mainly clocks, didn’t start appearing until the 1300s.

To learn more, watch this video of an amazing Lego replica:

And then whilst you’re feeling the lego-love check out this canny PhD student who automated his work with the help of some Lego…here

Or these amazingly detailed Lego birds by Tom Poulsom.



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