This week in science 22/07/12

Seems ages since I did a Science Bites post. Here’s just a few things happening in science world (our world, the world, it’s all the same) this week.

The Times Higher Education site had an interesting article on a lack of research careers for PhD students. Do you think students are “frequently mis-sold an academic career” when they embark on a PhD?

Ben Goldacre via Twitter asked why the Royal Society hasn’t launched a science blogging prize alongside its science book prize. As someone who doesn’t like to spend money on shiny new books I agree – do you?

Open Access science may gain a boost via Government subsidies – reported the BBC – but is this the best way to encourage the dissemination of scientific work?

Lifelong mystery – answered
Does running or walking keep you drier in the rain? You’ll have to read this article to find out.


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