Science bites :: BAS/NOC merger, Open Access, lady pens & cake (of course)

For those not in the know BAS (the British Antarctic Survey) and NOC (the National Oceanography Centre) are both research institutes of NERC (the National Environmental Research Council). A merger has been proposed as a cost-saving measure in response to Government-driven budget cuts.

I haven’t waded in on the proposed merger not because I’m not interested but because it’s a complex and multifaceted issue and what with thesis and paper writing and travelling all over I hadn’t really had the time to get fully up to speed on the finer nuances of the debate. But if any of you are interested there’s a really good storify here (c/o @icey_mark). And, no, I’m not just bigging it up because my comment got featured!

I made the point that people often get worked up over BAS because it’s sexy science. Yes, I’m aware there’s more political/geopolitical debates occurring here. And I’m definitely not biased against BAS (my other half works for them as well as UEA). It’s just that, well, the rest of us have to fight for our research money on merit, I see no reason why BAS shouldn’t have to do the same.

In other news, the people behind PhD comics have made this great video on Open Access.

On the other hand, BIC made a rather stupid decision when it comes to marketing pens.

Finally, cake! Halloween autopsy cake – here – yum!


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