The Christmas book list

Hopefully you’re all far more organised than me when it comes to Christmas shopping. Gone are the years when I used to start in September and have a carefully curated box of gifts come the Christmas rush! This year a house move and a thesis are getting slightly in the way. But I couldn’t miss the tradition of posting a few Christmas gift suggestions (2010 and 2011 here). This year I’ve gone for books. Check out my friend Sarah’s blog here for more Christmas gift suggestions. (All images link to Amazon).

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is one of the best books I’ve read this year. It’s an incredibly important book, firstly for its discussion of medical ethics, race, class, science and society. But also because of the way it tells the story and the way it also describes the personal passion and dedication of its author, Rebecca Skloot. A must read.

Mapping the Deep made me fall in love with the ocean all over again. Even if you’re not already marine devotee there’s a wealth of facts and snippets you can use to win friends/bore everyone senseless.

This is top of my pile to read over Christmas, I’ll report back afterwards.

And if there were little children in the extended Leedham household this is what they’d be getting.

Winter evenings are made for reading, mull some wine and enjoy!


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