Publications, finally!

It can seem like a long, long, loooong slog until you see the seeds of your scientific labour bear publication fruit. First drafts, second drafts, co-author comments, third drafts, track changes, endless literature searches for that one critical reference, tenth drafts… And then post-submission there’s reviewers’ comments, corrections to make and resubmission.

Kind of like buses, I’ve waited a long time and suddenly several papers I’m involved in have been published in one month.

Firstly my own paper is in Biogeosciences Discussions – this is open access so y’all can go check out my awesome science (and apparently excellent figures) here. In this paper I discuss some of the first measurements of halocarbons from tropical seaweeds, talk about reasons for potential differences within/between studies and discuss aquaculture (seaweed farming) and the impact that may have on tropical halocarbon emissions. With this journal the review process is done online – so this is the original and un-reviewed/edited manuscript. You can watch the review process as it happens (probably a little like watching paint dry, but slower) or comment if you have some critical comments on our take on tropical halocarbon production from seaweed. Fingers crossed for some decent reviews…

Secondly I helped with sample analysis for this paper* on iodine chemistry in the marine boundary layer.

Thirdly my friend and Malaysian collaborator Fiona just published work on the impact of light on halocarbon emissions from seaweed, see the paper here*. Fiona started her Masters at the same time I began my PhD so we’ve learnt lab techniques together and worked in the field on many occasions. She also happens to be my provider of food, transport and sanity whilst I’m in Malaysia.

*These two articles are behind a paywall (you have to subscribe to the journal to access them) but please let me know if you’d like a look. With this sudden flurry of publication action I’ve also been interested to read about self-archiving – a post on that coming up soon!


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