On the process, the end and new beginnings

Four years ago I packed up my car and drove to somewhere I’d never been to before, moved into a flat with strangers and started a PhD in a topic I knew little about.

In four years, a lot happened.

I fell utterly in love with science, the the idea of it, the knowledge, the questions, the debates and the endless opportunities to learn new things. I spent hours in the lab, read papers and attended conferences. I drank beer and ran a marathon. I met another crazy scientist and fell in love. I made amazing friends, shared an office with great people and laughed and cried and argued my way through three years of hard work.

To fill you in, I submitted my PhD in March, defended it successfully in May and graduated in July. In between I moved to Germany to start a postdoc working on this project.

Back in 2010 I started this blog to help me connect with the wider scientific community and maintain some creativity through hours of failed experiments in the lab. Looking back over 133 posts I’m grateful for this tiny corner of the web, the experiences it led to and the people I met. However, times change and it’s time to call and end to this little corner of the blogging universe. As I don’t have a personal webpage via my new employer I have just set up a personal page for myself here. I may maintain a pared down version of the blog there, so please do hop over and follow if you’d like to keep up to date with my work and ideas.

To you all, thanks for reading, commenting and listening over the past three years.



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