Blog aggregators:
Lots of great science blog posts can be found via these feed aggregators:

Nature Blog Network

The Thesis Whisperer: Australian-based ‘newspaper’ blog on all things thesis-related
The Pipetting Diva: “confessions of a lab rockstar” – hilarious and x-rated!
What’s Up Doc?: Vitae’s blog for postgraduate researchers – submissions welcome.
PhD Comics: the long standing and “oh, so true!!” PhD comic site
(also see the section ‘researchers I know’ below)

Ocean science:
Seabed Habitats: A new blog concentrating on the seafloor – it’s coming together really well with lots of pictures, videos and useful information – check them out!
I want to be a marine biologist: a marine biologist’s blog
Confessions of a Marine Chemist: online science, biogeochemistry & other marine science

General science & nature:
Ink Chromatography: A pretty blog on recent science topics and more
A Schooner of Science: interesting explanations of scientific principles behind everyday items. Oh, and pirates.
Creature Cast: fun introductions to the animal world from the people at The Dunn Lab
The Wellcome Trust: the activities of the Wellcome Trust, mainly science, biomedicine and related art/history.
Scientopia: A collaboration of regular science bloggers and guest bloggers, one of the most successful science blog sites out there.
Microbelog: all things microbes

Art, science & nature
Biocreativity: “art. biology. creativity. science. design. nature”
The Art in Science: what is says on the tin!
Invisible Dust: collaborations between active artists and scientists
Culture Lab: New Scientist’s reviews on books, art and science

Science outreach etc:
Through the Looking Glass: commentary from a British science communication lecturer, researcher & writer
Bad Science: Ben Goldacre’s infamous blog – weekly posts exposing bad science and statistics.
Science of Blogging: Lots of tips for wannabe science bloggers
Vitae Public Engagement Blog: not strictly science related, but they often have outreach ideas and projects for scientists.

Other researchers I know:
Felicity @ The Flea Writes: MSc (by research) student, Malaysia
Sarah @ Moral Coral: PhD researcher studying corals at The University of Essex. One of the most enthusiastic scientists I know.
Laura @ Phytoplanktonic: PhD researcher @ The University of Essex (lovely illustrations too)
Raf @ Pride and…Plankton: PhD researcher studying zooplankton at the University of East Anglia (my lab mate, office mate and friend)
Gibb’s Law and Life: PhD researcher (company law) at the University of East Anglia

And others…:
Girls are Geeks: for cute and geeky finds on the web and beyond (not just for girls!)


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